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It all started with a dream

A distinguished Palestinian medical edifice that would provide quality treatment services.

In 1998, when the Arab Specialized Hospital was established in the city of Nablus, the dream began to develop. There were many obstacles to overcome but with determination and perseverance, we conquered these challenges. In 2016, another part of the dream came to reality when we opened the Istishari Arab Hospital. Then, recently, the new project called Ibn Sina Hospital was built.  All these new developments make Al Arabi Hospitals Group one that has become the largest private medical group in Palestine and is still seeking to extend over the geographical area of ​​the West Bank.

With conviction, we were able to attract the most important Palestinian medical professionals who dreamed of returning back to Palestine. They came from many countries around the world with different specialties that were not available in our homeland Palestine. We were, and we will continue to keep our patients in mind, who deserve to receive the highest levels of health care in their homeland without having to travel great lengths. Therefore, localizing the service is the goal that we have introduced and we are working to develop it to the maximum.

One of our visions centered on training physicians, and we attained recognition by the Palestinian Ministry of Health for many specialty programs. We also placed scientific research on the top of our priorities, especially in the issue of genetic engineering and the revolution it has brought about in the medical field. All of these new developments are always in the best interest of our patients.

Treating oncology patients was also at the top of our strategic plan and we made this into reality with the Istishari Center for Oncology, which is working rapidly in order to operate as soon as possible.

The Palestinian government, represented by His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, has been a significant supporter and is still supporting us in our long journey, and we are still moving forward with their support. The development of the Palestinian health sector requires continuous efforts to provide services at the highest quality levels for the Palestinian people.

In 2020, Istishari Arab Hospital was able to successfully obtain the International Quality Certificate (JCIA). This was achieved with hard work and tremendous efforts from every employee in different departments. The plan for the future is to have all the group’s hospitals obtain it as well.

We have achieved great successes and we are proud of our achievements, but we our vision is not fully achieved yet. There is no doubt that the Arab Hospital Group will continue to work in order to be at the forefront of the medical sector not only the local level, but on a global one as well. We promise to always strive to be the best and that is a promise we intend to keep.


The dream is still to be continued…


Dr. Salem Abu Khaizaran

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Arab Hospitals Group