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Quality Department

Istishari Arab Hospital always seeks excellence in health care, continuous knowledge, and medical technology.

We believe that clinical excellence and delivery of high-quality services are the fundamental criteria of success. Therefore, the quality department worked hard for the hospital to be internationally accredited, and Istishari Arab Hospital successfully achieved this accreditation by the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA).  This accreditation guaranteed the hospital’s commitment to providing health care services in accordance with professional and ethical standards that are consistent with modern and advanced medical foundations in the field of medicine, while ensuring the ability to continuously improve quality within the health care facility and ensure patient safety.

Commitment to quality and the development of an integrated system of excellence are achieved through understanding and implementing policies at every level, and meeting the expectations and needs of all patients, while raising the level of patient safety and lessening medical errors in order to provide the best health care.

Performance Analysis

Quality is measured by a number of performance indicators to ensure high standards of the health care services provided within the hospital.

More than 1,350 standards are applied, according to the Joint Commission International (JCI), which includes:

– Unplanned readmissions to hospital
– Mortality rates
– Chart reviews
– Patient satisfaction
– KPI’s for specialties
– KPI’s for infection prevention and control
– KPI’s for safety
– KPI’s for medical and non-medical staff performance

Director Of Quality Department

Eba’a Barghouthi

Eba’a Barghouthi

Chief of Quality Department

Eba’a Barghouthi specializes in the field of quality and international accreditation certificates for health institutions, monitoring and analyzing the performance of health institutions for more than 13 years of experience, currently he is the Chief of Quality Department at the Istishari Arab Hospital.

Prior to joining Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah, Mr. Barghouthi worked at the Augusta Victoria Hospital - Jerusalem, Prince Sultan Medical Military City Hospital - Riyadh, and at the Khalidi Hospital and Medical Center - Amman at the Quality Department.

Mr. Barghouthi graduated from the Faculty of Nursing from the University of Al Zaytoonah Jordan - Jordan, continued his study in Healthcare Quality Management from the German Jordan University - Jordan and completed his Master Degree in Policies and Health Management from Al-Quds University - Palestine.

Currently he is completing his studies to obtain a doctorate degree from the American University in partnership with Jacksonville University - Florida in USA.