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Pulmonary Medicine Unit

The Pulmonary Medicine Unit at Istishari Arab Hospital provides a diverse range of innovative services for the screening and treatment for a wide range of chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

The unit also provides a wide range of screening tests for lung tumors with a very competent tumor board of the best pulmonologists, oncologists, radiologists, and histopathologists.

The Unit consists of multiple specialized clinics, each clinic is oriented to test, diagnose, treat, and manage a specific respiratory disease. Those clinics include among many others:

– Asthma clinic

– COPD clinic

– Smoking counseling clinic

– Pulmonary hypertension clinic

– Sleep – related respiratory disorders clinic along with a state of art sleeping laboratory

Medical Services

  • Diagnosis and management of all respiratory diseases including DPLD, OLD, allergy, and asthma and asthma exacerbation
  • Diagnosis and management of sleep – related respiratory disorders
  • Diagnosis and management of pulmonary artery hypertension
  • Pulmonary function tests designed to test the lung volume and diffusion capacity with and without a bronchodilator, and walking tests to evaluate tolerance to physical exertion
  • Endo-bronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy (EBUS), which is a procedure used to diagnose different types of lung disorders, including inflammation, infections or cancer
  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy including bronchial wash & broncho-alveolar lavage
  • Endo-bronchial biopsies
  • Endo-bronchial ultrasound biopsies
  • Trans-bronchial biopsies
  • Polysomnography preparation & interpretation

Head of Pulmonary Medicine Unit

Dr. Khalil Karim

Dr. Khalil Karim

Pulmonologist, Bronchoscopist, Sleep Medicine Specialist

Dr. Khalil Karim is a Pulmonologist, Bronchoscopist, Sleep Medicine Specialist and Internist, currently works as Deputy of Chief Medical Officer, Head of Internal Medicine Department and Head of Pulmonary Medicine Unit, beside his continuous work at Hadassah Medical Center Jerusalem.

Dr. Karim graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Tlemcen University in Algeria. He finished his specialization of Internal Medicine in Hebron Hospital, and completed his subspecialty of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.

He earned the Palestinian board of internal medicine, Palestinian board of pulmonology and got the European Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine.