Prof. Moien Kanaan

Professor of Molecular Genetics


Dr. Moien Kanaan is a Professor of Molecular Genetics and the Director of the Hereditary Research Lab (HRL), at Bethlehem University and the Molecular Genetics Lab (MGL) at Istishari Arab Hospital.

Dr. Kanaan is a leading Palestinian geneticist investigating the genetically isolated Palestinian population and its high consanguinity rate and identifying the genetic basis for few disorders. Dr. Kanaan’s collaborative work has been able to profile novel and variant alleles undermining hearing loss, epidermolysis bullosa, breast cancer, congenital heart disease, epilepsy, developmental delays, metabolic disorders and hypodontia in the Palestinian population and just recently mapped and identified few new culprit genes.

Under Dr. Kanaan’s direction the lab has introduced pre-gestational diagnosis (PGD/S) and screening, Noninvasive prenatal testing   and the capacity for next generation sequencing in Palestine.   Dr. Kanaan just finalized a full Palestinian genome-sequencing project and revealed some unique novelties.  Dr. Kanaan has many publications to his credit and is a recipient of many research grants and scientific awards.