Dr. Fawaz Hashem

Onco-Surgery Specialist


Dr. Fawaz Hashem is an Onco-Surgery Specialist at Al-Istishari Hospital, Ramallah.

He graduated from the faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Finished his specialization in General Surgery at Jordan Hospital – Amman,. Had the Jordanian and Palestinian Boards in General Surgery.

Dr. Hashem joined King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) to finish the surgical oncology fellowship and worked in the surgical management of breast, visceral and endocrine tumors.


  • Licensed Physician, Jordanian Board of general surgery.
  • Licensed Physician, Palestinian Board of general surgery.
  • Surgical Oncology Fellowship – king Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) – Jordan 2017
  • Attended several Scientific meetings and conferences with the cooperation of the highly respected centers from the world like the MD Anderson, American University of Beirut (AUB) and the American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • Participated in the teaching process of the surgical residents and medical students of the different institutes and medical schools in Jordan
  • Participated in the Breast and Gastro-intestinal tumors’ research “where with whome”
  • Speaker and posters’ presenter in many conferences which were held in Jordan
  • Attended several workshops and courses in laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Amman and Turkey.


  • Medical School


    Jordan University of Science and Technology – Amman – Jordan

    Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery



    Rosary Sister Hospital and Ibn Alnafees Hospital – Irbid – Jordan

    Intern Doctor

  • Residency


    Jordan Hospital – Amman – Jordan

    Resident Doctor – General Surgery Department

  • Work Experience


    King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) – Amman – Jordan

    Fellow of surgical oncology (Academic program) at



    King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) – Amman – Jordan

    Surgical Oncology Specialist – King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) Jordan

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