How to Read Your Bill

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At Istishari Arab Hospital – Ramallah we aim to make your payment and insurance claim process as simple as possible. Our Cashiers and Patient Access Services team are available to guide you at any point in the process.

Following your visit to Istishari Arab Hospital – Ramallah, we will submit a bill (also called a claim) to your insurance company. Your claim lists all the services you received during your time with us, and your insurance company uses this information to pay for those services, which are covered under your plan.

Istishari Arab Hospital – Ramallah may send you a Billing Statement to show you the remaining balance you need to pay for the services you received.


How to Read Your Bill

Below is an example of a Billing Statement with key sections highlighted. Please take the time to read our checklist of things to look for:

  • Check that the dates of your stay at Istishari Arab Hospital – Ramallah are correct and match those listed on your Billing Statement
  • Check that the description of treatment and/or services are correct.

If you are unsure of why your insurance company is not paying for certain services, please contact their claims department to raise your concerns or clarify any information.

Please keep these documents for your records in case you should need to access them.