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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about treatment at Istishari Arab Hospital below.

You can easily call us on +970 2 2943 200, by clicking on Request an Appointment. Alternatively, you can email us at


You will be asked for some personal details such as name, contact information, copy of your passport, as well as some medical overview questions regarding your reasons for visiting Istishari Arab Hospital.

Yes, you will be asked to provide your medical records. This helps us to schedule your appointment(s) with the most suitable healthcare provider.

Yes, it is possible to request a specific physician, however since all of our physicians are highly specialized, the clinical team will review your request to recommend the most appropriate doctor for you. Please note that a specific doctor’s request requires your complete medical reports.

Istishari Arab Hospital has 19 departments, with over 20 medical and surgical specialties represented. Information regarding specific procedures and treatments may be found in our website page, click on

Yes. Patients can request a conference call between their physician at home and Istishari Arab Hospital physician to discuss the case.

Yes, we will discuss your treatment plan in detail with you, including your length of stay, prior to confirming your appointment(s). In the case of any changes, we will coordinate some arrangements for you to ensure your stay remains as stress-free as possible.

Yes, on scheduling your appointment, you will be asked if you have any special requirements such as wheelchair assistance, medical interpreter, visually impaired, and hard of hearing, so that we are able to assist in the best way possible.

Yes, within our team, we have speakers of multiple languages including Arabic, English, Russian, Ukraine, German, French, Hebrew; we also provide medical interpretation during appointments between Arabic and English.