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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department at Istishari Arab Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year providing comprehensive emergency services to patients who require immediate attention for serious illness or injuries.

The state-of-art 12 beds Emergency Department is fully equipped with state of the art imaging and laboratory services to deliver excellent clinical care.

Medical Services

Critical Care Transport

The appropriate mechanism for transporting patients from and to the hospital is to contact the nearest ambulance service to where the patient is, either through:
• Palestinian Red Crescent around the clock free phone number 101.
• The nearest ambulance service.

In case of a need to transfer the patient from the hospital to another hospital, we work to ensure the greatest care of the patient and the medical staff accompanying the case.


Emergency Medicine
Istishari Arab Hospital has a modern and sophisticated Emergency Department, with pioneer specialists in emergency medicine, along with an experienced and a highly skilled nursing staff who work 24 hours a day. Moreover, there are nurses and specialists who speak English and other languages, to ensure clear communication between patients and caregivers.

The section comprises of an emergency room of 10 beds, an operating theater, an emergency plaster room, 2 single rooms for patients, and a private elevator to move them to special places designed to provide quick care for patients who do not have life-threatening symptoms, but who need immediate attention. In addition to a waiting room which can be transformed into a part of the Emergency Department quickly and easily in cases of major accidents. Laboratory and imaging specialized services also help to provide an immediate diagnosis of patients. Moreover, the section includes a patient triage room in which patients are sorted out based on the seriousness of their health.


Which medical cases does the program cover?
The Emergency Department receives all patients in different medical cases. The case is sorted immediately and according to its seriousness afterward the specialists deal with them. In some cases, critical cases are resuscitated within the section and transformed into a more stable case to the right place to complete the treatment, while the department is equipped with ultra-modern medical equipment on each bed that help to revive various critical cases.


Diagnosis and Treatment
Medical Services
A nurse and a member of the registration team meet each patient arriving at the Emergency Department.
After registration, patients are guided to a treatment area where an emergency medicine physician will evaluate their condition. Some patients will require additional evaluation, with tests such as blood work or imaging studies. After the ED evaluation is completed, the treatment team will discuss with the patient the most appropriate next step, which can include a discharge, a clinic referral, an admission to the hospital, or even a transfer to another facility.
Patients are provided with all the information they need to follow their recommended treatment plan. Nurses carefully review any medical instructions with each patient, and follow-up care and reasons to return to the Emergency Department are discussed. Pharmacy services are available at the hospital 24 hours a day, including an on-site pharmacist who can help clarify prescriptions when medications are to be used at home.

Program Caregivers

The Emergency Department’s team is committed with the philosophy “Patients First”.

The team includes skilled physicians, nurses, coordinators, transporters, and patient access representatives. The Emergency Department team works closely with caregivers from all specialty areas and institutes to ensure patients have rapid access to appropriate care.

Head Of Emergency Department

Dr. Mohammed Khattab

Dr. Mohammed Khattab

Emergency and Resuscitation Specialist

Dr. Mohammed Khattab is an Emergency and Resuscitation Specialist with over 7 years of experience, currently he is the Head of the Emergency Department and the Hyperbaric Unit at the Istishari Arab Hospital.

Prior to joining Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah, Dr. Khattab worked at Palestine Medical Complex - Ramallah, Shaare Zedek Hospital - Jerusalem and several medical centers in Palestine.

Dr. Khattab graduated from the Faculty of Medicine from Luhansk Medical University - Ukraine. Then he joined the specialization program in Emergency and Resuscitation at Palestine Medical Complex.

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