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Safety. It’s What We Do

The Emergency Department at the Istishari Arab Hospital offers great emergency care, Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, equipped with state-of-the-art facility and led by a team of prominent doctors, highly skilled nurses and healthcare professionals, dedicated to providing safe and efficient careز

We Offer:

  • Round-the-clock access to onsite, trained board-certified emergency consultants and General Practitioner Doctors.
  • 10 + bed equipped with cardiac and vital signs monitors and ready to deal with medical and surgical conditions.
  • One Triage room with three beds
  • One Resuscitation room
  • Prompt diagnosis through dedicated laboratory and imaging services
  • Fast-track area which further focuses on efficient and quality care

When to come to the Emergency Department

We provide medical care for anyone who arrives at the Istishari Arab Hospital Emergency Department.


What We Treat

Any Acute Condition Like-

  • Trauma for Adult and Pediatric, such as (car accidents, falling down, wounds, fractures, head trauma, chest and abdominal trauma, eye trauma, electrical shock) and other acute injuries.
  • Acute Cardiac Conditions, such as (cardio pulmonary resuscitation, arrhythmia’s heart attacks, acute heart failure, pericarditis) and other acute injuries.
  • Acute Adult Medical Conditions, such as (pulmonology conditions, stroke and other neurological conditions, infectious diseases, acute gastroenterology conditions, acute hematology conditions and other endocrinology acute conditions).
  • Acute Pediatric Condition, such as (infectious diseases, respiratory diseases and surgical) and other pediatric diseases.
  • Acute Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Cases


In case of a Medical Emergency, please call Palestinian Red Crescent Around the Clock

Free Phone Number 101

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is any new symptom or known worst condition, which is concerning you, please visit the emergency department.

Yes, only on top emergency conditions, that needs immediate action and lifesaving procedures. BUT, before discharge, A full payment should be covered cash from your side OR  to be covered by your insurance company.

We are available whenever you need us and operate around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Busy times at the Emergency Department are not always predictable. However, our expert methods allow us to assess patients correctly and to consistently provide efficient care.

  • As of immediate for all patients by emergency qualified nurse.
  • Within 10 minutes usually all our patients are seen by emergency doctor at arriving to the Emergency Department.

Yes, the Emergency Department sees patients of all ages including children.

All patients who come to the Emergency Department are evaluated and treated to ensure their condition is stabilized and consulted by Pediatric Specialist.