Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

Istishari Arab Hospital confirms its keenness to participate in the sustainable economic and social development through the work of the local community and its institutions in a way that helps to improve the quality of life and enhance the cultural, scientific and youth activities. From this point, the hospital is working to develop its role as a positive partner who supports sustainable development, and it will continuously seek to develop its relationship with all segments of the society. Additionally, it will follow-up the activities of youth and civil society institutions in the best possible way. The following are some of the most important activities in which the hospital seeks to develop its community role:-


  • Environment protection

We, at Istishari Arab Hospital, are aware of the importance of preserving the natural environment, the need to preserve it for future generations and the role of the natural environment in maintaining human health. The hospital management will support all efforts to provide green areas in cooperation with local councils and the company will support youth initiatives that seek to preserve and enhance the environment.


  • Academic and research institutions and health service providers

Istishari Arab Hospital contributes to many medical studies and scientific researches and it provides the environment and the needed infrastructure to conduct research and studies in accordance with the finest methodologies. Subsequently, these studies are approved by specialized scientific committees; since the hospital believes in the need to participate and support scientific research and the production of knowledge in cooperation with national academic institutions. This is in addition to providing training and employment opportunities for graduates of health faculties: doctors, pharmacists, technicians and administrators. The hospital also seeks to establish corresponding relationships with other governmental and non-governmental medical service providers to ensure safety for patients and develop the performance.


  • Social Responsibility Report

The hospital will issue an annual report on its activities, which characterize its leading role in expressing social responsibility that identify the efforts that the hospital exerts in order to play an active role in developing the society.