Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

In line with the message of Istishari Arab Hospital represented in providing the highest level of quality of the distinctive and advanced medical services with a comfortable environment for the patient and their visitors, and a commitment from the hospital to what has been stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health. The establishment of Istishari Arab Hospital, its structure, its equipment and its staff reflect this commitment to the right of the patient and the determination to provide all that is needed to any Palestinian patient from health services at home without having to resort to look for good and qualitative service. All this in addition to the provision of hospitality service that provides patients and visitors with comfort and luxury and at a reasonable cost.


Istishari Arab Hospital works to ensure the compatibility of these rights with the following principles:


  • Respect the patient's right to receive decent health care taking into account the full respect for their dignity, and it includes:
  • Respect for personal, religious and cultural beliefs and the freedom of practicing these beliefs.
  • Receive necessary health care without discrimination or delay.
  • Respect for personality, by using their own name and not be given any definition other than that.
  • Receive humane care in difficult cases and to die with dignity, and this is within the limits of the law.


  • Respect the patient's right to get the highest attainable standard of health care, regardless of age, sex, religion, race, nationality, or regional origin, political or non-political opinion, or social and economic status, or disability and other special needs.


  • Providing safety and security to the patient through:
  • Health care in safe and reliable health facilities.
  • Decent health care according to the appropriate professional principles and standards.
  • Safe transportation from, to and within the health care facilities.
  • Receive care in a smoke-free environment.
  • Not expose the patient to any kind of abuse, harassment and annoyance.


  • Istishari Arab Hospital is keen to provide a suitable environment for the patient through:
  • Providing health care in a clean, comfortable and convenient environment.
  • Getting sufficient and appropriate nutrition.
  • Having access to communication with others.
  • Access to entertainment within reason.


  • Istishari Arab Hospital is keen to ensure the confidential privacy of each patient:  
  • The patient has the right to refuse to talk to or see any person, who is not related to the patient's medical care services, including visitors or people associated with the hospital who are not directly involved in the provision of such care.
  • Request the presence of someone of the same sex of the patient through some phases of clinical examination and treatment or surgery.


  • Maintaining the highest level of quality of services and receive any complaint regarding the level of quality of care or service that the patient receives and deal with this complain positively and immediately.



Patient's and Family's Responsibilities "Commitments and Duties"


  • To get the best possible level of medical care, the patient or the person responsible for him (guardian) has to take into account the following:
  • Maintain health and refrain from any activity that is harmful to health.
  • Take care of themselves to the extent permitted by their physical ability.
  • Complete subjugation to the requirements of health care approved by patient.
  • Act in accordance with the necessary attention to the health and rights of others.
  • Act in full respect for other patients' dignity and health care providers.
  • Provide what they can and as much as possible of their knowledge of accurate and completed information about the patient and their medical history, including the drugs that they have already taken, as well as other relevant matters of the state of health of the patient.
  • Respect the restricted areas and comply with their instructions.
  • Adherence to follow the treatment plan recommended by the responsible for the delivery of health care to the patient, including the instructions issued by nurses or other involved persons in the provision of health care.