What Features of IAH

What Characterizes Istishari Arab Hospital?

Istishari Arab Hospital is considered the largest investment in the Palestinian health sector; where the volume of the investment in its setting-up reaches sixty million US dollars. However, what is more important than the volume of investment, is the honorable goals set for the hospital, in terms of delivering high quality health services that ensure patient safety and satisfaction with the services provided. The quality of tertiary services provided by the hospital will hopefully reduce the need to transfer patients for treatment outside the country. This in turn would affect positively on the reduction of public expenditures, and will bring to patients the ability to access all the services they need, whether diagnostic or therapeutic services at home, in a high-skilled and efficiency hands, and in a healthy environment that respects all the needs of the patients, their companions and their visitors.


Istishari Arab Hospital began working in 2016 with an operational capacity amounted to 100 beds as an initial operational phase. It will be followed by a gradual run to a larger number of beds, bringing the total number of hospital's operating beds to 330 beds. This will be done within two years of startup date, half of which will be qualitative beds, at least.


Istishari Arab Hospital is held on a land of a total area of 13 thousand square meters, on which a building with an area of 25 thousand square meters spread over 14 floors is built.


The hospital has been built up with a high level of technological progress, and a distinctive medical staff that has been allocated within the most accurate international standards specialized in this field. All of this is to cover the needs of the Palestinian society of the secondary and tertiary level of distinguished health care services. The facilities will hopefully put an end to the suffering of patients and their need for access to medical care abroad. It also aims to provide favorable conditions for the recruitment of Palestinian Medical Competencies abroad and help them return to serve their community, and provide better medical services that meet the needs of patients in particular and society in general. This institution provides patients with all their medical needs by employing the most qualifies specialists, using the latest technology and scientific knowledge and service at the highest levels of quality while providing top-notch hospitality service that ensures a distinctive environment of comfort and well-being for the patient and their visitors.


Istishari Arab Hospital is more than just a hospital